Swarovski Optik EL Swarovision Binocular, 10×42 mm

  • New EL with Swarovision Technology
  • Field Flattener Lenses
  • Long Eye Relief
  • HD lenses minimize color fringing
  • Improved viewing comfort

Since its establishment by Wilhelm Swarovski, Swarovski Optik has stood for long-range optics of the highest precision, identifiable by the simple but elegant design which speaks of noble restraint and conceals its technical secret inside. The company’s love of beautiful products, precision fabrication, attention to detail and respect for the highest standards in all activities of the company shape our culture. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Swarovski Optik combines trend-setting industrial technologies with the demand for the best possible craftsmanship.

Swarovski Optik EL Swarovision Binocular, 10×42 mm Pros

    • As most would probably expect, swarovskis latest binoculars are amazing. They have great depth of field, quick focus, amazing clarity and brightness
    • I got the swaovskis and suddenly I could see the barring on the chests of adult Broad-winged Hawks. I had seen probably 200 adults before getting these binoculars and had not been able to make out the barring on any of them. Also, the amazing image
    • Stop thinking about it and pull the trigger on these, you’ll be happy that you did, and with the lifetime unlimited warranty they’ll be the last binoculars you’ll ever buy (or want).
    • Flat field and outstanding clarity and brightness. Easily the best binocular I have ever used. The ability to focus down to 5 feet allows study of the smallest details of the birds coming to our feeders.
    • I decided to take the plunge and go for what I had determined to be the best binoculars currently available. I am not disappointed. I went with the 10 power for slightly better distance viewing and ID of raptors.
    • Very easy to adjust focus and quickly. I just think these Bin’s are great. Had a chance to use in very early morning light and was able to see enough detail to sort out buck from doe.
    • I can use them in dark situations where my Zeiss Binocular, would not have performed. I can see no complaint with any aspect.Best binos I have ever owned
    • This Product is the best on the Market today. I have (2) Binoculars from Swarovski an older (10-12 yrs) 10×42 and now the new EL 10×42. They are a little heavy priced –but you get what you pay for in a top quality Binocular. I stopped using My spotting scope when I got the 1st 10×42 Binos . Great units!!!!
    • Perfect gift! My husband was very surprised and OH so happy with these.These are awesome!

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Swarovski Optik EL Swarovision Binocular, 10×42 mm Cons

  • The slightly reduced field of view and the slightly increased need for a steadier hand are not that noticeable to me. But the increased magnification is very nice
  • I guess my only complaint would the price which I know is always going to be a premium for any item at the top of its class.
  • They are also have a bit heavier “feel” than I expected but do not weigh much more than my 13 year-old Bausch and Lomb Waterproof Elite 8×42’s, my previous favorite and still a closer second than the price and age differential would otherwise indicate.
  • They provided a good first impression birding in the Black mountains and the Lake District in the UK: great clarity and a reasonably bright image with minimal edge aberration. However, an open top jeep traversing the Serengeti in Tansania or pursuing desert elephant in Namibia proved too much of a challenge.
  • The 10 x 42s look good and are great for fine weather conditions but they are very expensive and unreliable in challenging situations where their competitors sailed through – a costly mistake. At this end of the spectrum the after sales should match the price of the product but is very poor. If you want a reliable product to take on safari go for theGerman rather than the Austrian optics.

Swarovski Optik EL Swarovision Binocular, 10×42 mm overall they scored 92% out of 100 Positive feedback.

There was one person that did not like them at all, he used them for big game in Africa, but most people were very happy with there purchase, These are a five star product highly recommended Click here for yours



Acog 4 X 32 Scope Dual Illuminated Horseshoe Dot .223 Ballistic Reticle

  • ACOG 4×32 Scope, Dual Illuminated Amber Horsehoe/Dot .223 Ballistic Reticle w/ TA51 Mount
  • The ranging reticle is calibrated for 5.56 (.223 cal) flattop rifles out to 800 meters
  • With TA51 Mount
  • Recommended accessories:
    TA91: Tennebrex® killFlash® Anti-Reflection Device for 4×32 RCO ACOG Scope
    TA94: 4×32 ACOG Flip Cap for Objective
    TA98: Trijicon ACOG Quick Release MountSpecifications:
    Magnification 4x
    Objective Size 32
    Bullet Drop Compensator Yes
    Length (In) 5.8
    Weight (oz) 9.9 w/out mount
    Illumination Source Fiber Optics & Tritium
    Reticle Pattern Horseshoe w/ Target Reference System
    Day Reticle Color Red
    Night Reticle Color Red
    Calibration 0.223
    Bindon Aiming Concept Yes
    Eye Relief 1.5
    Exit Pupil 8
    Field of View (Degrees) 7
    Field of View @ 100 yards (ft) 36.8
    Adjustment @ 100 yards (clicks/in) 2
    Mount TA51
    Mount Comes With TA51 (screw on type but not quick release)
    Housing Material Forged Aluminum

Acog 4 X 32 Scope Dual Illuminated Horseshoe Dot .223 Ballistic Reticle Pros

    • Absolutely outstanding! Optics are first class and bright! The scope with the Killflash, scope covers, and Trigicon Bobro quick release mount weigh less than a pound. If your looking to buy an ACOG, you already know they are top of the line. They are battle tough! Highly recommended items to fully complement your ACOG are listed below. Reticles are pretty subjective so I won’t comment on them only to say get the red color reticle if you are not set on another color.
    • Imagine having a High End Optics design for the most rugged condition that is what ACOG is all about. This thing simply ROCKS!
    • Super clear Optics,Solid dessign all around,Has a build in range finder,NO BATTERIES EVER!
    • This is the perfect scope for many rifles. 4x provides perfect zoom, the green horseshoe reticle is easy to pick up by the human eye, a bullet drop compensator ensures distances are accounted for accurately, and the tritium power means no batteries will ever be necessary. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is willing to spend the money.
    • I waited FAR too long to decide to bite the bullet and purchase this. Though I knew it was “the one” I just couldn’t justify the cost. Well, after two years of stressing over it (yes I waited that long) I finally clicked purchase. My only regret? I should have clicked purchase on day one. This scope is Amazing, everything you could hope for and more. The field of view is unbelievable, the image is absolutely sharp and crisp (so crisp in fact that it nearly feels like it’s doing some sort of light amplification (of course it’s not, it’s just THAT clear!)) and the 4x magnification is perfect.
    • Ok, if you are looking at this ACOG, you already know what it can do, and what everyone says about it. Now it is a matter of justifying the cost. I was in your shoes as well. I clicked buy and am so glad I did. This is exactly what I needed for shooting past 50 yards. The Bushnell red dot was fine at that range. I have the red horseshoe reticle and I love it. It is easy to pickup against any surface. It also glows very nicely at night.
    • Sighting in this scope was so easy with the thumb screws, no tools needed. These targets (Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C 12″ Round X Target 5 Pack) fit within the horseshoe at 100 yards perfectly. It keeps zero after taking it off and back on. I have not gone past 100 with it yet since my range does not have anything beyond.
    • Forget the cheap knock offs, I bought them too. They cannot keep up with this scope. Go ahead, search some more and read other reviews, try to find something that it sort of like this one, you will be back to buy it eventually and have a drawer full of Chinese junk. 🙂 Best $1,200 I have ever spent. Authentic Trijicon 4×32 ACOG. Absolutely perfect in every way
    • The price…is high. Crazy high. But worth every single penny. If you want cheap knock offs, go ahead. But I have owned them, and after a year I ultimately broke down and spent the money. This optic will last a long time and is an absolute thrill to use. HIGHLY recommend.
    • This is the real Trijicon Acog not one of the copies. The glass is very clear very clear and I could not be happier with the green color and horseshoe dot. It was not cheap to buy, but you do get what you pay for. I would buy again.

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Acog 4 X 32 Scope Dual Illuminated Horseshoe Dot .223 Ballistic Reticle Cons

  • Crosshairs were canted to the left about 5 degrees. I expected much better quality control from Trijicon, and for an optic well north of a grand. Returned it
  • Did not come with a pelican case. Just a standard case. sight was fine. Misled with the description
  • Cons? None. If you want to nitpick you could say that you have to have your nose to the charging handle to stay in the eyebox (which is how you should use an M4 style rifle anyway :P) and the reticule is slightly blurred towards the edges (this is an artifact of how it’s built, not the lens) but in practice none of these things make it bad. I’ve *never* found myself wanting longer eye relief, and neither will you.
  • overall a very nice scope. pricey. sighting adjustments sometimes take a few shots to “settle in”/take effect –heard this complaint by others as well. very clear optics. biggest negative is very short eye relief distance. absolutely no regrets.
  • Possible concern is the eye relief which is very short but I find not a problem as the .223 has minimal recoil. You have to put your nose close to the charging handle to get your focus. If this is a problem, you might want to consider the TA11 model instead (3.5X, heavier and longer length). Happy shooting!

Acog 4 X 32 Scope Dual Illuminated Horseshoe Dot .223 Ballistic Reticle Scores 96% positive feedback

Why would someone spend $1,200 on a sight? Because its bad ass. It was dialed in right out of the box. Highly recommend.The best optic investment I have ever made. The green horseshoe “snaps” on target very quickly and the glass is exceptionally bright and clear.

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